Eric C. Powell – In the Studio (Artist Spotlight)

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MIDI controllers and DAW equipment are an integral part of any electronic music studio.

Welcome to I Scream I Scream’s very first Artist Spotlight interviewing various electronic and metalcore artists. For our first instalment, we met with indie synthpop artist Eric C. Powell in his Emotiv Media Group studio in Austin, Texas. I have included some photos of my time at the Emotiv Media Group studio, the very same studio where Eric recorded his most recent album Back to Life. Here we can see an impressive array of synths, controllers and equipment that are uniquely suited for producing electronic music.

A veteran synth musician, Eric founded the early 90’s underground synthpop band Turning Keys as the band’s songwriter and frontman. Turning Keys received favorable reviews and a significant following in the Southern California electronica underground sub-culture, notably opening with Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, and Missing Persons.

Eric has furthered his songwriting and skills through the early 2000’s as a professional musician working with numerous skilled musicians and vocalists. These experiences have stirred a passion for Eric to serve as a positive and encouraging influence for younger artists entering the music industry.

Released in late 2016, Back to Life is Eric’s first solo full-length album in over two decades. The album capture a modern indie synthpop feel while reflecting the influences of Eric’s earlier writings and is available on CD, iTunes, Google, Spotify, and more (see ‘Artist Links’ section).

Exclusive Music

Eric was excited to preview some of his newest tracks from his upcoming album and I Scream I Scream Music Reviews is pleased to provide a limited-time link to early song mixes off his upcoming project.

Spotlight Video

As for every one of these Artist Spotlights, we are glad to feature an exclusive interview with the musician himself, Eric C. Powell.

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